June 7, 2023

Starla Alcohol Announces Collection of Alcohol-Free Wines

on Feb 19, 2023

Starla Wines recently announced its breakthrough entry into the growing alcohol-free (AF) industry by launching the first premium collection of alcohol removed wines. Launching with a trio of radiant varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend and Sparkling Rosé, Starla is created for wine lovers who cannot or choose not to drink wine with alcohol. Starla is available online at StarlaWines.com via a customizable collection of three 750ml bottles for $84, including shipping.

“De-alcoholized and low-alcohol wines are driving the category and it’s a tremendous opportunity for young brands to make an impact”

A combination of winemaking artistry and the finest quality botanicals and aromatics results in a luscious, full-bodied Californian wine with, of course, none of the hangover. Poised to be this season’s it designer label, Starla’s nutrition label says it all. Starla is low carb, low sugar and low calorie with its Red Blend and Sparkling Rose clocking in at five calories and zero carbs per 5oz serving.

Starla Wines varietal offerings include:

Sauvignon Blanc: Deliciously light and crisp notes of wild honeysuckle, rosemary, pear and lemon balm finished with a sultry white peach blossom parfum. Pairs deliciously with Roasted Pork, green lentils and video calls.

Red Blend: Bold and sumptuous aromatics of sweet dark cherry, blackberry, bergamot and black pepper kissed with bouquet of calming French lavender. Pairs with dark chocolate, tapas and 6am workouts.

Sparkling Rosé: Dry and bright botanicals of strawberry blossom, citrus, lychee and mineral. Breathe deeply to fill your senses with sweet gardenia effervescence. Pairs deliciously with creamy risotto, French fries and 2 am cravings.

“While strides have been made in the alc-free beer and spirits category, there was a lot to be desired in the wine world,” states Starla Founder CEO Dawn Maire. “The journey to create the first, premium alcohol removed wine started when I began replacing my beloved wine with better-for-me choices. I was surprised - and disappointed - with the lackluster set of options on the market. I saw the opportunity to satisfy the demands of the growing set of sober-curious and alcohol-abstaining consumers with an authentic, premium selection of wine. Over a year in the making, Starla is a first-of-its-kind alcohol removed, expertly vinified wine - she’s amazing by the glass and pairs deliciously with food.”

Entrepreneurs and wine enthusiasts Dawn Maire and Jaime Coulter combined their collective talents of the CPG business and marketing with luxury fashion design and brand creative prowess to create Starla. With a push towards the beauty and fashion world, Starla is stylized from bottle to brand. In addition to its trio of wine offerings, Starla will use its platform to debut lifestyle content spanning fashion, music, wellness, and some of the brand’s favorite alcohol-free resources. Plug into the Starla playlist on Spotify while tidying up or gathering with friends.

“We built Starla from scratch and really had fun with her. We wanted to exude a lifestyle that was intentionally feminine and one you don’t typically see with other zero-alcohol offerings. Outside of selling rad products, our website and marketing incorporates highly curated editorial content -- you can shop the campaign looks, create fabulous recipes and read up on books resources tailored towards the style conscious, alcohol-free consumer,” says Starla Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jamie Coulter. “Starla represents the inner star in all of us and its campaign exemplifies how radiant your life can be on your own terms, without alcohol.”

Starla partnered with premium, dealcoholizing technology group BevZero to create its full bodied, alcohol removed wine. The process begins with deliciously fermented wine from carefully harvested California grapes then uses innovative vacuum distillation technology to vaporize and remove the alcohol from the wine, leaving behind the original flavors and aroma. After the alcohol is removed less than one-half of one percent (.50%) remains. The same amount of alcohol as Kombucha. Starla’s signature wines are finished with hints of premium botanicals such as sweet gardenia, French lavender, wild honeysuckle and more.

“De-alcoholized and low-alcohol wines are driving the category and it’s a tremendous opportunity for young brands to make an impact,” states BevZero CEO Debbie Novograd. “We’ve seen a significant uptick in consumers opting for healthier consumption choices, especially in women, who make up 54 percent of wine buyers1, and yet, until recently, few brands were leveraging the existing innovation. Starla sets itself apart from other brands in the space with an elevated, botanical-infused lifestyle brand using our vacuum technology.”